Serverless and decentralized flat file chatting convention for users on a shared system. Comes w/ base implementation.
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This is the second version of gab. The original existed as a bash script and opperated off of a single chat log. This updated version creates individual logs in each users home directory. The permissions for these logs should be set up to be world readable but writable only by the user. The way the script is set up, writing to another user's log should be impossible.


-h, --help, help
Print the help message

-m, --msg, msg
Follow this with quoted text to add a message to the chat log
gab -m "This is a message"

-l, --list, list
View the chat log. Pass an integer for the number of recent posts you would like to view (defaults to 5)
gab -l 20

To do

I still need to make the script truncate each user's file to, at most, the most recent 200 messages. Otherwise things will slow down substantially as the chat log grows.