A simplified regular expression module for the slope programming language

Updated 2 weeks ago

A simple, single branch, version control system for individuals

Updated 2 months ago

A wikipedia article fetcher for the terminal

Updated 3 weeks ago

eat points and make the world suck, a terminal game

Updated 4 weeks ago

TerminalTrain is a shell script that build a train out of user contributed files from across the /home directory and runs the train across your terminal.

Updated 3 years ago

rawtext.club university is a set of active, hands-on tutorials used (not just read) on the command line. Each tutorial consists of files that describe features, techniques and exercises; and data files with which a learner can practice and experiment.

Updated 3 years ago

Wango's Party-ish clone

Updated 3 years ago

rawtext.club website

Updated 3 days ago

Introductory, hands-on tutorial to tmux, designed to be used from the command line.

Updated 2 years ago

A toki pona dictionary

Updated 2 years ago

Various shell scripts for use on the RTC server. Not your official RTC stuff!

Updated 1 week ago

recent++ - RTC services update notifier

Updated 3 days ago

slope ansi module

Updated 10 months ago

vim syntax highlighting and other simple niceties for slope editing in vim

Updated 1 day ago

A concatenative programming language

Updated 1 year ago

`recent` meta-tool for showing recent activity in other rawtext.club tools

Updated 11 months ago

A simple shell with simple goals

Updated 12 months ago

A small s-expression based language interpreter

Updated 1 hour ago

edlog++ -- 'ed' and 'mail' inspired shlog browser in Python

Updated 6 days ago

rawtext.club man pages

Updated 1 week ago