An interpreted, lazy lisp.
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module Rose.Parser.Test.Literal
import Text.Parser
import Text.Lexer
import Test.Unit.Assertions
import Rose.Testing
import Rose.Lexer
import Rose.Data.SExpression
import Rose.Parser.Core
import Rose.Parser.Literal
tokenize : Token -> List ParseToken
tokenize = pure . MkToken 0 0
testSymbol : IO ()
testSymbol =
runTest "testSymbol"
(testWith [parsesSymbol, doesNotParseAString] (map (parse symbol) examples))
where parsesSymbol = assertWith "Parses a symbol?" assertRight
doesNotParseAString = assertWith "Doesn't parse a string?" assertLeft
examples : List (List ParseToken)
examples = map tokenize [(TkSymbol "foo"), (TkString "bar")]