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sloum 2 years ago
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@ -544,11 +544,10 @@ To see version information:
slope -v
To install a module from a url to a git repo:
``` sh
slope -install https://git.rawtext.club/sloum/ansi.git
- Add termios, net-serve, and other procedures
- Maybe add some form of character primitive type (will make reading by either byte or char from a file easier)
- Build cool things with _slope_
- Think out a basic package system with imports

@ -24,12 +24,16 @@ Display usage help and exit. Provides a list of all command line options with a
Prints the version information and exits.
\fB-run [program]\fP
Runs the given program, passed in as a quoted string, and exits, printing any output as directed by the given program.
Preload the environment with the evaluated result of loading all Slope files in the slope-preload-directory, see \fIFILES\fP below, and then load the given script file or REPL session.
\fB-install [url]\fP
Install the module pointed to by \fIurl\fP to the slope module path. \fB-install\fP will request a name change if the install would overwrite an existing module and will verify that the required module files are present. At the current release \fB-install\fP does \fInot\fP install further dependencies of modules or deal with submodules.
\fBslope\fP source code files, by convention, have the file extension \fI.slo\fP.