recent++ - RTC services update notifier
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recent++ better handling of iris and mail 3 months ago


Python rewrite of the venerable 'recent' utility for RTC

Supported services:

  • gab
    • channels
  • iris
  • linkulator
  • shlog
  • who-is
  • project
  • plan
  • oneliner
  • sl
  • train
  • web
  • gemini
  • gopher
  • library
  • cspc
  • gitbbs
  • poll
  • fortunes
  • email (only the emails of the current user)


  • only the channels a user takes active part in discussions (ones where a respective $HOME/.gab-{channel} file exists) are displayed. To see activity in channels one only lurks in - create a dummy file Example for 'furry-hell' gab chat:
echo '1600000000|' > .gab-furry-hell


$ time /usr/local/bin/recent > /dev/null
real	0m1.333s
user	0m0.927s
sys	0m0.343s

$ time ~/bin/recent > /dev/null
real	0m1.024s
user	0m0.723s
sys	0m0.272s

$ time ~/bin/ > /dev/null
real	0m0.239s
user	0m0.169s
sys	0m0.064s