dotfiles for use on diverse remote servers
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mieum eca0e40b36 add dots repo setup script
just a few commands to add rtc and tildegit remotes to have a
backup. also configures git to not show untracked files for the
.dots bare repo.

running this multiple times will keep adding urls to the remote,
so this is mostly just for reference until i get around to actually
making a script out of this when i am not feeling so lethargic :b
2 months ago
.config rtc muut config and keubinds 2 months ago
.vim vim: add gmi and slope supporr 2 months ago
bin add dots repo setup script 2 months ago
.cshrc add .cshrc 2 months ago
.gitconfig add portable gitconfig 2 months ago
.inputrc add vi-style inputrc 2 months ago
.tmux.conf fix dumb tmux typo 2 months ago
.tz add .tz 2 months ago
.vimrc add vimrc 2 months ago