A basic utility for indexing gemini capsules
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This is a basic tool for automating the indexing of posts in my gemini capsule at rawtext.club. It is, in its current state, very crude and inflexible (directory paths are hard-coded, etc.). But it's a big milestone for me, anyhow :)

The basic idea is to generate indexes for individual "tags" or "themes," which are basically separate folders, as well as a main index that includes all of them. Eventually, I'd like to automate the generation of atom feeds, but for now I am using Solderpunk's gemfeed utility wrapped up in a script with twindexer.

In it's current state it will not be usable by anyone else without at least changing the variables hard-coded at the front of the code. My next revision will refactor everything to be more versatile and portable to other capsules. I guess ideally it will either read a config file or parse arguments.