curses game boards made simple-ish
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curses game boards made simple-ish

how to use

set up a standard, simple curses python method, as seen in the docs

create an object with the top-left corner and the curses screen object

ouija_board = Ouija(stdscr, 3, 3)

create the possible Tiles, add them to the object

Tiles are created with the array value (the value in the board), the display value (the value to be displayed), and optionally the color

tiles = []
tiles.append(Tile("array_value_1", "display_value_1")
tiles.append(Tile("array_value_2", "display_value_2", Ouija.COLORS["RED"])

style the board, as desired

default boxes look like this:

| ok! |

use the style() method to change the look (defaults shown):
        uniform_width=True,  # makes all boxes as big as the biggest box
        align=Ouija.Align.LEFT)  # can also align RIGHT and CENTER

create and draw a board

currently, draw_board() expects a 2D array. optionally, it takes the (y, x) coordinate of a cell to highlight.

board = [["array_value_1","array_value_2"],["array_value_2","array_value_1"]]
ouija_board.draw_board(board, 1, 1)