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samhunter 50485159f4 ...aaand set to original 5 1 year ago
samhunter a40afda563 Message count limit form list_messages moved into a "constant" 1 year ago
Sam Hunter 25355f89fd more messages by default, exit code set if no unread messages 1 year ago
Sam Hunter e8a2e8ae1d defensive programming against non-world-readable files 1 year ago
sloum 80928d9bd5 Fixes some command output that got messed up re: scanning 2 years ago
sloum 6a5dd737d4 Adds exception handling for a float cast that keeps erroring when a particular use hand does their gab file incorrectly 2 years ago
sloum 3eb6527618 Fixes channel listing to show all channels 2 years ago
cmccabe 32b52b1d9c verbose newscan added 2 years ago
cmccabe 61e2fbe1cd oops! fixed incorrectly named function 2 years ago
cmccabe 1e51f9e35d add get_user_channels(user), removed get_my_channels(), and refactored get_chan_list() to use get_user_channels(); also created global current_user var 2 years ago
cmccabe a3f4a4e1d2 removed some extra comments 2 years ago
cmccabe 84cf81d832 added get_my_channels() function, restricted new feature to only user's channels 2 years ago
cmccabe a92a37b693 new msg scan feature, doesn't yet restrict to users's chans 2 years ago
sloum f78e368ff4 Fixes issue with paths for access check 3 years ago
sloum 356fc5ae30 Adds checks for read permissions at various points 3 years ago
cmccabe 0295cc4e1c channel indicator didn't work on default (gab) channel. fixed. 3 years ago
cmccabe 2b50b772fa added current channel indicator to channel list 3 years ago
gogoigo 8562517938 set default editor to `vi`. 3 years ago
gogoigo 4a43e8a5a6 add a message for each line 3 years ago
gogoigo 3015539fc4 Users can write messages from their $EDITOR 3 years ago
sloum df938b8fef Reworking of some of cmccabe's ideas to mesh with some of sloum's ideas 3 years ago
cmccabe a61828cbea files var replaced with get_files() function so it can update immediately after changing channel. 3 years ago
cmccabe 83edcd37e5 fixed bug before ~/.gab_chan exists, and added line to -h help text. 3 years ago
cmccabe 2b53796c48 -c option changes channel 3 years ago
sloum a40448ee26 Removed testing code 3 years ago
sloum ddfbd121eb Adds support for /me actions 3 years ago
sloum bd1dff82dd Updated timekeeping to include days 3 years ago
sloum 0a5db61d58 Fixes spacing on help menu 3 years ago
sloum 78981d514e Fixes errors while blocking 3 years ago
sloumdrone 00f093839d Added functionality to the blocking 3 years ago
sloumdrone 995adc4de5 Added blocking and unblocking 3 years ago
sloumdrone 35b2e3dee8 Makes it so future messages, by editing the .gab file, do not show up in log. Also added color protection to each line. 3 years ago
sloumdrone c4849ba8e9 Reworks how writes work to make reads a little lower cost 3 years ago
sloumdrone 83b1896be5 Updating line spacing 3 years ago
sloumdrone db7fbd9b5a Reworks the way items are listed and improves keeping file permissions on chat logs 3 years ago
sloumdrone a3a3b7d87c Adds bold to header 3 years ago
sloumdrone befdc1f343 Fixes message order 3 years ago
sloumdrone 33c1908dd1 Initial commit of a second version of gab that uses python in a multiuser environment 3 years ago