gab client in slope
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gab client in slope - aims to implement the full functionality of the reference client. Strictly for fun.


gaby -h 

gaby -c {channel}|--channel {channel}
	List the messages in {channel} (the main gab channel by default)

gaby -d {days}|--days {days}
	List the messages from the last  {days} days.

gaby -t {seconds}|--timestamp {seconds} | --since {seconds}
	List messages added after UNIX Epoch timestamp {seconds}

gaby -s | --short
	Toggles display of short headers 

Config files

Following files are read in the presented order

  • /usr/local/share/gaby/profile
  • $HOME/.config/gaby/profile
  • $HOME/.local/share/gaby/profile
  • $HOME/.gabyrc

Following parameters are configurable, in the format <NAME><SPACE><VALUE>

    accepts string-format format string - default " %-15v "
  • DAYS
    number / UNIX timestamp


  • Writing messages
  • Timestamps with formatting
  • Storing the channel choice in a file
  • Reducing the output to last X messages