A list of known software written in slope
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slope software

As slope is a small hobby language, this repository exists to keep track of known software projects written in slope. In the unlikely event that the language becomes popular enough that keeping track of software like this should prove untennable then a notice will be placed here to that effect. If you would like your project listed here send an e-mail to sloum at the host rawtext.club or open a PR.


Standalone software projects.

  • brainfuck - a brainfuck interpreter
  • drawtile - A terminal based tile drawing program
  • gaby - a gab chat client
  • many plaids - a plaid pattern generator, the source is hosted over gopher: gopher://republic.circumlunar.space:70/0/~joneworlds/plaid.slope
  • wg-gemlog - wordgrinder/gemlog helper


slope modules and code meant to be imported and used in slope projects. Most of these are available from slp (the slope package manager).

  • ansi - basic ansi/vt100 terminal escape helpers
  • csv - read and write csv documents
  • dlgs - create x-windows dialogs on nix systems
  • flag - command line flag parsing
  • ini - read and write ini documents
  • list - list processing procedures
  • toolbox - various utility functions