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sloum d710717489 Adds solo repository support 7 months ago
sloum 912e575463 Removes test file 7 months ago
sloum 9c87cfe07d Adds update-all, deps, and version. Removes docs, it sucked. 7 months ago
sloum 986af2d5ec Adds fetch to slp 1 year ago
sloum b95b203a1e Adds local install option 1 year ago
sloum 92376101c3 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.rawtext.club/slope-lang/slp 1 year ago
sloum d3fe0177bd Modifies the output of a few operations 1 year ago
sloum 478c22a213 Changes modeline in gen to use flope as ft 1 year ago
sloum 695b27d43c Fixes error in help message where the wrong global path is listed 1 year ago
sloum 3f41da0898 Adds makefile target for creating the global lib dir 1 year ago
sloum 313351a575 Updates some error messaging and fixes installed so that global listing still works 1 year ago
sloum e18d4cd30a Finishes out support for global modules, still no versioning 1 year ago
sloum f6856766bf Makes sure that the import name matches the module title, rather than the remote repo path 2 years ago
sloum 9db8c791c3 Improves command output 2 years ago
sloum ce4035bfc7 Updates output formatting for install, update, and remove 2 years ago
sloum 81b3e3645b Fixes hidden tabs in help text 2 years ago
sloum e99e818b37 Updates slp to have a more normalized syntax and updates surrounding documentation 2 years ago
sloum 308b24ab9e Minor update to man page 2 years ago
sloum b0aec87de1 Does check for installed module before trying to install it again 2 years ago
sloum 6e38dcc353 Removes faulty time code in download function 2 years ago
sloum bb6fdec578 Adds 'installed' arg and changes update to actually update only when needed. 2 years ago
sloum 7ea1c978a8 Fixes logical inversion re: time before/after in registry download 2 years ago
sloum 7c7a8e50ea Updates gen to make an actual module style example file 2 years ago
sloum bd9d08d14b Merge branch 'master' of https://git.rawtext.club/slope-lang/slp 2 years ago
sloum a60d919fd5 Adds messaging for actions taken during install 2 years ago
sloum 42c21bf8c5 Handles recursive dependency installation 2 years ago
sloum 40028e365b Revises help text 2 years ago
sloum 3d8d1a7cc7 Updates readme and man page 2 years ago
sloum 92f6017697 Adds new module format with search, gen, etc. 2 years ago
sloum 3299a6e2f4 Adds man page and makefile, updates license, removes binary 2 years ago
sloum fb7198def3 Adds search functionality 2 years ago
sloum 98e1818aab Basic functionality is working 2 years ago
sloum 3c8886105f Initial commit of pluto-lang plp fork 2 years ago
Zac Garby dcb006eb2f Merge pull request #1 from pluto-language/show-modified-packages
Show modified packages
6 years ago
Zac Garby e635f110b6 Add prints when an operator is called 6 years ago
Zac Garby 57014c9821 Remove various debug prints 6 years ago
Zac Garby b9cc1f86c6 Print which packages have been modified 6 years ago
Zac Garby 95462090ea Print completion message in cyan 6 years ago
Zac Garby 6592cf5aec Improve prompt
It will now keep asking for input until it's valid
6 years ago
Zac Garby cf3041ed2d Generate the package and apply the template 6 years ago
Zac Garby a2279925d3 Prompt for package options 6 years ago
Zac Garby a035abd15f Fix < and > in TODO 6 years ago
Zac Garby 7a4d4f7e05 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/pluto-language/plp 6 years ago
Zac Garby 80773a8619 Parse generate operations 6 years ago
Zac Garby 504fd5152e Right-align operation names 6 years ago
Zac Garby a697ebdac6 Print what's been done in colour 6 years ago
Zac Garby 51806c3ffb Create TODO.md 6 years ago
Zac Garby 96eb188867 Update README 6 years ago
Zac Garby 9fdfddf724 Implement List()
$ plp list
6 years ago
Zac Garby 43ab9b6222 Improve help message 6 years ago