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.B lynx, links, w3m
- surf the web in text-only fashion with any or all of these browsers. You can also set up your own public webpage in your public_html directory (but please keep your pages plain text, and don't attract internet hugs of death!).
.B gophernicus
.B gophernicus (gopher)
- start your own gopher hole and set up your public gopher phlog in your public_gopher directory.
.B molly brown (gemini)
- publish content over the new gemini protocol by putting .gmi files into your public_gemini folder. give cmccabe a heads up when you are ready so your directory can be linked to from /var/gemini/users
.B various text editors
- let the admin know if your favorite lightweight editor is missing.
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Contact cmccabe with any questions, comments, or smart remarks. Catch him on the RTC or send email to
You too can be a contributing author of this man page. Just submit a PR here:
The RTC is just one pubnix among many. Others include:
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And many more...
And many more...