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_ _ RTC _ _ _
__| |_ __ _ _ _| |_ ___ _ _ | |_(_) |_
(_-< _/ _` | '_| _/ -_) '_| | / / | _|
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Welcome to! This is your official welcome kit and get-started
guide. (RTC) is different than other command line shell communities.
This guide explains some differences, and should help you learn how to get the
most out of the environment.
Yes, RTC has chat. But chat isn't the point. Don't get stuck on chat.
Here are a few other ways you can interact with other members:
* shlog (shell blog) - Write about topics that interest you. Read and respond
to shlogs written by other members.
* linkulator - Share links to networked resources (www, gopher, gemini, etc).
Read and comment on links shared by others.
* Publish text-based content to the world via http, gopher or gemini protocols.
* Pick a skill and build a learning path to master it. RTC members have a wide
variety of text-based computing skills and are happy to give you tips.
Others are happy to learn from you.
* Share a mix of text and code using gitbbs.
* Develop software collaboratively with RTC members and others using our
web-based Gitea software forge:
* Let people know who you are by creating your who-is profile. who-is was
created by RTC member, ~gogoigo.
None of these things requires snap reactions from you. Think about them. Plan
them out. Do them when you're inspired and when you have time. They're
Type 'man' at the command line for more information on these and
other tools.
RTC does indeed have a chat program, called 'gab', written by RTC member,
~sloum. You can use it by typing 'gab' at the shell. Or if you need a
quick-start guide, read this file: ~cmccabe/share/gab-how-to.txt
The neat thing about 'gab' is that it is not just a client, but it defines an
open structure for chat data, and you can write your own gab-alternative client
for it. See ~wangofett's 'partyfett' client as an example. You can write your
own client too!
To learn more about 'gab' and the chat data structure, see sloum's git repo:
The focus on "Slow" in RTC has nothing to do with speed. It has to do with
moving at your own pace, making decisions based on your own interests, and
rejecting the coercion and exploitation of the commercial internet.
The ad-revenue model of the WWW is killing the internet, and poisoning
democratic societies that rely on the watchful eye of engaged, informed
citizens. While the commercial WWW promotes complacency and passive
consumerism, you can resist this pestilence by arming yourself with the skills
to use the internet without the "help" of Google, Facebook or others. You may
even use those those skills to help others join the resistance.
RTC is only one member of a resurgence of similar-minded servers on the
decentralized, non-commercial internet. We support them and the people running
and using them.