HTML accessibility helper. Returns elements utilizing features that are useful for accessibility but often misused.
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aah is an accessibility helper for site auditing. It will create an html document displaying elements on the original page using the following attributes: role, tabindex, and any aria attributes. In addition it will visually show every image and its associated alt text. It will attempt to find background images as well.


aah [flag(s)] input_address output_address

-f is a flag that can be passed to pass a local file as an input address rather than than a url input_address is a url or, in the event of the -f flag, a local path to an html file output_address is a path to the preferred output file. Should end in .html


aah ~/Desktop/ddg_aah_test.html


Python 3 is required. One external dependency, bs4, is also required and can be acquired however you like. The easiest being pip3 install bs4