A brainfuck interpreter written in slope
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This is a brainfuck interpreter written in slope. It was mostly written for the fun of having written an interpreter in a language that I also wrote the interpreter for. Now I just need to complete the circle and write a slope interpreter in brainfuck (fat chance, I do not posess that skill or patience level).

For information on how to write brainfuck programs see the brainfuck wikipedia entry.

This interpreter supports all features of the language as described in the above mentioned wikipedia entry.

Have fun! An example hello world brainfuck program has been included for your convenience in trying out the interpreter.


brainfuck [path to brainfuck file]

The above assumes that slope is on your path. If it is not, something like the following should work (assuming both the slope executable and the brainfuck program file are in the current directory):

./slope ./brainfuck [path to brainfuck file]