eat points and make the world suck, a terminal game
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Eat as many points as you can and mess up the world until no one can survive. When you can no longer drag your bloated carcass (@) anywhere press q to quit and your score will be saved to your high score list (only the top 10 are kept).

This game is a low rent (fewer features) clone of the game greed in slope-lang. Enjoy.

Screenshot of capitalist gameplay, a firled of colorful numbers with a path cut through them


  • Movement: h, j, k, l
  • Redraw the screen: R
  • Quit and save score: q


  • capitalist play the game

  • capitalist -h print help

  • capitalist -s show your high scores

  • capitalist -S show the global high scores on the system

  • Set the environment var CAP_KEYS to change to custom movement keys: CAP_KEYS="a;s;w;d" (CAP_KEYS="<l>;<d>;<u>;<r>")


A fairly recent slope interpreter. This was coded with version 0.7.4, which is the minimum version that can be used since it uses the newly (at time of writing) added range procedure.

80 columns in your terminal (emulator).


This is released via the unlicense. Do what you want with it.