Create cli based forms from a set of widgets (slope module)
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Create command line forms from widgets. The following are supported:

  1. select - move a cursor up/down to select a single option from a list
  2. input - standard input field with a title/prompt
  3. check - move a cursor up/down and check/uncheck various options from a list
  4. date-select - use a cursor to select a month, day, and year
  5. spinner - display a spinner while doing something else

input, select, and check all have a title, spinner and date-select do not. All widgets that use a cursor to move up and down in fields use arrow keys, vim movement keys, and tab/shift-tab to move around. To check/uncheck a check box use space. All widgets are submitted by pressing Enter.

For specifics of how the various widgets work see (and its respective subentries):

(load-mod cli-forms)
(usage cli-forms::)