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Fanorona is a game originating in Madagascar. Wikipedia has a good bit of information information about the game's history and rules.

screen shot of fanorona being played, it is black's turn

Building / Installing

You will need a Go compiler. After that you can run go build from the repository directory to build the executable locally or go install to install it.


By default, executing the program will put you into two player mode. Two player mode takes place on the same system (swapping keybaord or with one player dictating moves to the other for their turn). To play against an automated opponent you must pass the flag -cpu, as in: fanorona -cpu. The automated opponent is, as of this writing, not great. It plays decently in the early parts of the game but does not know how to finish the game well.

Playing Moves

Moves are played as [from]-[to], for example A2-B3. The letters are not case sensitive. If the move you play results in captured/dead stones you will be offered the opportunity to make a continuation play. The position you are at will be prepopulated, so you just need to add the -[to] part. If you are done for the turn and either cannot play a continuation or do not want to you may enter PASS or DONE (again, not case sensitive).