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# scbm
sloum's compiled build manager.
## what is it
scbm will fetch git repositories and store them in a specified location and build out some data files and a manifest file to track everything. You may then issue commands to update specific or all programs (which will pull changes and run an install script if one is set for the given program), set install scripts for programs, revert to the previously active commit, freeze a build so that it does not receive updates but is still managed by scbm, etc.
## why
Because I have been building more programs from source lately. I have noticed that once I build from source I often do not update... I forget where I put the source or I just forget that it is something to do. This will improve my ability to update programs that I build, rather than get from my package manager. In particular it is helpful with builds of my own programs which I update and test locally often.
## docs
There is a file in the repo with some notes I took at the outset of wanting to do this. I have finished out part of the help menu system as well and commented functions in the code itself. I'll put together something better once this is more stable. I have made the repo public now that I have a minimum viable program (I dont like the term product), and it does work... but it is still rough around the edges.