shlogs is a slope based clone of the shlog shell script from RTC
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shlogs is a clone of the original shlog program, which was a bash script, coded in slope.

In general it has feature parity with the following exceptions:

  • It accepts --help in addition to -h to print the help text
  • To write a new shlog you must pass the -w flag, it is no longer optional
  • Information was added to the help output detailing the available environment variables and what they default to
  • While the -y and -r flags are still accepted to enter reading mode, they are no longer advertised by the help output, as they are not needed

env variables

The following variables are available to both shlog and shlogs:

  • $BROWSER, defaults to: lynx. Used as the shlog reader.
  • $FILEMAN, defaults to: ranger. Used in conjunction with the -f flag (read via file manager).
  • $EDITOR, defaults to: vi. Used as the shlog editor.


The slope language interpreter installed and on your path. slp, the slope language package manager is helpful, but technically not necessary if you want to manage packages manually. The flag package, which can be installed via slp by running: slp install flag, if you have slp installed.