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sloum c33810a637 Fixes tilde expansion 12 months ago
sloum 681137eb46 Adds /etc/slosh to bootup for login shells and fixes history memory between sessions 12 months ago
sloum 970b031982 Adds aliases to completion 12 months ago
sloum 35641a2a43 Adds a .sloshrc file that is separate from the login file .slosh. Updates man page. 12 months ago
sloum 7efc73322b Separates behavior by shell type - login or not 12 months ago
sloum def7c8dc85 Adds manpage and updates Makefile 1 year ago
sloum 8f090d091e Updates readme with slosh comment info 1 year ago
sloum ce1d6fbfe2 Allows for single line comments beginning at start of line in .slosh 1 year ago
sloum 24c24671ee Fixes a glitch due to file globbing 1 year ago
sloum 6610394f36 Updates the initial completions to include all builtins 1 year ago
sloum f4448d762b Further fixes to readme 1 year ago
sloum 29de5c8851 Fixes spelling mistake in readme 1 year ago
sloum f44c9945d9 Relimits lsf command to just slosh file and updates readme, also fixes aliasing 1 year ago
sloum 849925e3a3 Adds lsf and let commands, fixes up command 1 year ago
sloum e059c29df4 Fixes makefile and updates readme 1 year ago
sloum 64f8d9c31e Rewrites prompt generation to avoid multiple string traversals and adds file globbing as a part of parsing 1 year ago
sloum 4dddc1f986 Adds signal handling that may not remain 1 year ago
sloum ee37cabaf9 Fixes builtins to communicate errors better 1 year ago
sloum 679400a70c Fixes exit status, aliasing, and variable expansion 1 year ago
sloum 2e24ad0e80 Adds readme and license 1 year ago
sloum 1c168b6c51 Initial commit of mostly working shell 1 year ago