Sloom Sloum Sluom IV sloum

A terminal based gempub reader

Updated 7 hours ago

Epub to markdown (or gempub) converter

Updated 2 days ago

Ebook production of the novella The Lifted Veil by George Eliot

Updated 2 weeks ago

Ebook production of 'The Dewy Morn' by Richard Jefferies

Updated 1 week ago

Ebook production of 'Amaryllis at the Fair' by Richard Jefferies

Updated 3 weeks ago

2023 version of the RTC website

Updated 2 months ago

After London by Richard Jeffries. Conversion from gutenberg transcription to ebook for

Updated 3 weeks ago

The Land of Little Rain by Mary Austin. Conversion from gutenberg transcription to ebook for

Updated 2 months ago

xi - a (too) simple text editor

Updated 4 months ago

A line editing library for the slope programming language (WIP)

Updated 4 months ago

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A distributed board game system for

Updated 5 months ago

A static site generator for solo repositories

Updated 6 months ago

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A simple file diff module for slope-lang

Updated 6 months ago

Create cli based forms from a set of widgets (slope module)

Updated 4 months ago

An awk-like language that uses slope for scripting (and execution)

Updated 8 months ago