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xi - a (too) simple text editor

Updated 4 months ago

A Sokoban implementation for the terminal

Updated 3 years ago

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A wikipedia article fetcher for the terminal

Updated 9 months ago

Basic file server for Mercury protocol

Updated 3 years ago

Terminal dithered image viewer

Updated 3 years ago

A slope module for building svg images

Updated 9 months ago

Fork of stagit-gopher that ports the output to gemini

Updated 3 years ago

Fork of stagit that updates some of the html to a more modern, accessible, and editable style and includes a default stylesheet.

Updated 3 years ago

A static site generator for solo repositories

Updated 6 months ago

A simple version control system for developers working alone that still want to share their code

Updated 3 months ago

A simple shell with simple goals

Updated 2 years ago

A line editor inspired by chalk, vim, and ed (in that order)

Updated 10 months ago

An awk-like language that uses slope for scripting (and execution)

Updated 8 months ago

shlogs is a slope based clone of the shlog shell script from RTC

Updated 1 year ago

Sloum's Compiled Build Manager

Updated 3 years ago