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A concatenative programming language

Updated 1 day ago

Main package list for the slope language's package manager, slp

Updated 3 days ago website

Updated 4 days ago

A small s-expression based language interpreter

Updated 5 days ago

Serverless and decentralized flat file chatting convention for users on a shared system. Comes w/ base implementation.

Updated 1 week ago

The slope language package manager

Updated 2 weeks ago

edlog++ -- 'ed' and 'mail' inspired shlog browser in Python

Updated 1 month ago

vim syntax highlighting and other simple niceties for slope editing in vim

Updated 2 months ago man pages

Updated 5 months ago

recent++ - RTC services update notifier

Updated 5 months ago

Various shell scripts for use on the RTC server. Not your official RTC stuff!

Updated 5 months ago

a slope module for opening system dialogs on nix systems

Updated 5 months ago

command line flag parsing module for the slope programming language

Updated 5 months ago

An ini module for slope-lang

Updated 5 months ago

A collection of list oriented procedures for the slope programming language

Updated 5 months ago